Dec 28, 2009


"No Life Can Be Great.... Until it is Focused Dedicated and Discipline"

But do we have the POWER TO CHANGE THE FUTURE? What do you see in your future five years from now? Can you see your future in this field? It is hazy, fuzzy or is there nothing there? OR is your future crystal clear?

Now a beautiful poem titled "The FUTURE"
The Future is now
Anything I can see with my imagination already exists and is already done.
I cannot hold it in my hands yet,
for I am on one side of the wall.... The Present
But I am looking through a window of time at what is on the other side....The Future.
It is there, real, just as I see it, and has always been there.
Out of need or want or desire,
I can open the door and walk through to the other side where I need to be.


  1. hope my future life is very good from now..hope god blees my family..always make to upgrate n update life



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